New construction

You wish to complete a new construction project for your home or any other building? When considering the important investment a new construction involves, hiring a specialized business like ours is a must. Let Nicolas Neveu Construction's team showcase their know-how. For us, having a trustworthy relationship, projects after projects, is a must. This is in fact what gives us our reputation. Therefore, we are undeniably the obvious choice.


Whether it is for your home or any other building, it is very common that our needs evolve and that we require more space than we used to. Why automatically think about moving, when quite often an extension to your home is the best solution ? Let us know what your needs are ! We will present you the options you have according to your established budget. We will then proceed to complete the project for your full satisfaction.

Frame and roof

Trust our team of professionals for the installation, the replacement or repairing of the frame or roof of any building. At Nicolas Neveu Construction, it is one of our specialty. Because of the importance of a building's solidity and roof sealing, we value the importance of high quality work. That is why we wish to have your full satisfaction.

Kitchen and bathroom

The importance of a kitchen and bathroom in all residence is undeniable. They have to fulfill our daily needs. They include a lot aspects that add to the complexity of this type of project. Make us your partners ! Tell us your expectations! We will gladly guide you and execute the required work, from cupboards to plumbing and electricity.

Windows and doors

When considering the importance of windows and doors on any type of building, it is essential to have them installed by skillful professionals. The esthetic factor is evidently important, but the sealing and insulation attributes are very important factors, especially living in the climate we do in Quebec. We wish to present you all the options available. After your final decision, we will gladly install them according to the highest industry standards.

Exterior Siding

The exterior siding of any residence or building is very important since it protects the entire structure and it gives it its overall beauty. Whether you chose wood, brick, stones, aluminum or for one of these new cladding available on the market, our team of experts will perform a professional installation that will exceed your highest expectations. Choosing us is opting for trust.

Shed and wooden deck

Not only does adding a deck or terrace to your home adds value, but it allows you to nicely enjoy the beautiful days mother nature offers us. In this field, a lot of options are available. Allow us to present them to you ! We will consider and respect the configuration of your house and property, as well as your budget. This also applies for all your needs regarding sheds, to store all your material that take up too much space in your house. Our work is always guaranteed.